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Welcome to Quantum Bio Energetics

Are you prepared to experience healing as never before? To learn how to unlock the gift of healing that is already yours? To experience learning from a whole new perspective?

This pioneering passage of work Quantum BioEnergetics the use of readily available quantum based frequencies utilized via the established bioenergies of the human anatomy is now enabling for us an exceptional process of healing.

A genuine, scientifically proven, integrative healing process, there are a number of session and training opportunities available under this cutting edge work, catering to all levels. The Quantum BioEnergetic Balancing Technique™, a nonintrusive and extraordinary form of healing, leading into many advanced and specialised areas in healing. Including, of course, The Axial Initiation™ enabling a personal evolution unlike any other.

The results are extraordinary. Healings that until recent times were truly unprecedented. Issues that were considered "permanent", "terminal" or "chronic" seem to be no longer so. I personally invite you to peruse our site, the home of Quantum BioEnergetics International and melissa hocking healing, the international clinical base. Within you will find answers & information, learning opportunities, exciting new developments & research, articles, updates and testimonials. Even a little about me ;)
More than that you are offered the opportunity to experience healing as never before... from Within.

All the best,

Melissa Hocking Hunt


Quantum Bio Energetics International

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